Programs in Aid of Martyrs’ Families

We the people of India owe a debt of gratitude to the martyrs of our Armed Forces who have laid down their lives to preserve our freedom. The families of these martyrs are special citizens of this country and deserve a life of pride and dignity. The government has certain responsibility towards them and assists them in accordance with the existing rules and policy framework. But as responsible citizens of this country, let us pause a little, think about them and ask ourselves, “What can we do for them?” Honourpoint collaborates with various individuals and organisations across the nation, in organising programs for the benefit of the martyrs’ families. Come, make a contribution and be a part of these programs. The donation would be used for one of the programs either conducted by Honourpoint or its partners. More importantly, it could be one of the ways of saying that, “we care for them”.

Development of Online Memorial

Honourpoint has embarked upon the mission to bring the story of every fallen soldier in public domain and let the people know about their real heroes. This humongous task entails research, collation, authentication and updating the content on a continuous basis with additional inputs coming from the family members, friends and comrades. Plans are also afoot to translate the content into many regional languages to enhance its reach and utility. Thus it requires significant amount of resources to create this repository of information of great importance. Come, make a contribution and be a part of this momentous initiative. Your donation would be used in acquiring and retaining the resources required for this unique mission.

Awareness Programmes

Honourpoint plans to conduct various activities and programs in schools, colleges, clubs and other public forums to create awareness about the martyrs of the Armed Forces. The activities could include essay, declamation, poetry or painting competitions on the theme of martyrs, instituting scholarships/awards in schools/colleges attended by martyrs, lecture series by war veterans/martyrs’ family members and other appropriately curated programs. The intended aim is to inculcate a sense of patriotism or a sense of belongingness to the nation through the inspirational stories of martyrs. The objective is to make the citizens realize the value of freedom, which is being preserved at the cost of many precious lives of our soldiers. This realization would encourage all people to contribute to the nation in their own way and make them concerned and responsible citizens. Come, make a contribution and be a part of these awareness programs.