Sepoy Hasansab Khudavand

Sepoy Hasansab Khudavand hailed from Saidapur village in Navalagund Tehsil of Dharwad district in Karnataka and was born on 01 Jan 1992. Son of Shri Imamsab Khudavand and Smt Zeenatbee Khudavand, he had a younger brother Mabusab (Born on 31 May 1994) and a younger

Subedar Basappa Patil

Subedar Basappa Patil belonged to Khanajaon village in Belgaum district of Karnataka. He completed his schooling in his native place and later joined the Indian army on 24th of July 1990. He was recruited into 21 Madras battalion of the Madras Regiment, an infantry Regiment