Naib Subedar Sultan Mohd Khan VrC

Naib Subedar Sultan Mohd Khan hailed from Kupwara district in Jammu & Kashmir. He joined the 9 J&K Militia after completing his education. In response to the Pakistani invasion of Kashmir in 1947, local militias were raised for specific sectors, such as Jammu, Leh, Nubra,

Lance Naik Malik Mohd Iqbal, VrC

Lance Naik Malik Mohammad Iqbal hailed from Rajouri district of Jammu & Kashmir and was born on 31st May 1942. Son of Shri Malik Jafar, he joined the army on 31st May 1960 at the age of 18 Years. He was recruited into 1 J&K

Major Rohit Sharma SC

Major Rohit Sharma hailed from Jalandhar in Punjab. Son of a practicing doctor Dr Ved Vrat Sharma, he had two sisters as his siblings. He was very keen to join the Armed Forces right from his childhood and eventually joined the Indian army after completing