Service No : 102447

Service : Army

Last Rank : Lance Naik

Unit : 10 Assam Rif

Arm/Regt : Assam Rifles

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Awards : SC

Martyrdom : January 4, 1975

Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai SC

Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai after completing his initial studies, joined the army. He was recruited into 10 Assam Rif Battalion of the Assam Rifles, the oldest para-military force of India with its headquarters at Shillong.


Mokokchung Operation : 04 Jan 1975


During 1975, Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai's unit 10 Assam Rifles was deployed in Mokokchung District of Nagaland. As the AOR(Area of Responsibility) of the unit was affected by militancy, the unit troops were engaged in operations against the militants on a frequent basis. The unit launched regular patrols to monitor suspicious activities as part of their operations to keep militancy under check. Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai was part of one such operation on 04 Jan 1975. 


On 04 Jan 1975, L/Nk Ganesh Bahadur was the leading scout of a party of the Assam Rifiles that was tasked to establish a stop in Mokokchung district against a gang of hostiles. As Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai and his comrades were probing forward, suddenly the troops noticed the camp of the gang hardly 50 yards away. Seeing the troops, the hostiles opened fire on them. In utter disregard to his personal safety, Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai returned the fire effectively. During the exchange of fire, he got severely injured in his right fore arm. However not withstanding his injury, he continued to engage the hostiles and was able to eliminate one hostile. This action took the hostiles completely by surprise and afforded time for his comrades to take cover and deploy tactically to take offensive action. However Lance Naik Rai later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai was a valiant soldier, who displayed courage and determination of a very high order during the operation.  


Lance Naik Ganesh Bahadur Rai was awarded “Shaurya Chakra” for his  conspicuous bravery, devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice. 

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