Place of birth : Udaipur, (Raj)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Lieutenant

Unit : INAS 310

Arm/Regt : Indian Navy

Martyrdom : March 24, 2015

Lt Abhinav Nagori

Lt Abhinav Nagori from Udaipur was the first in his family to join the Navy. Lt Nagori was commissioned in the Navy on July 25, 2012 after having spent six months in INA and completing a year of pilot training in the Air Force Academy.  He had stints at the Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala (INA) in Kerala, Air Force Station (AFS), Yelahanka in Karnataka and Air Force Academy (AFA), Dundigal near Hyderabad.


Lt Nagori did his engineering from SJB Institute of Technology in Bengaluru and passed out in 2008. After completion of engineering in electronics, he received many job offers but he dropped all of them and opted to join the Navy, his first love.


Lt Abhinav was an avid swimmer and a nature lover, so much so that he used to treat the plants as his kids.  Abhinav was also fond of cooking since his childhood. Along with swimming, cycling, and cooking, Abhinav loved music too and had a violin which he learned through the internet and played musical notes in the house.


Lt Nagori was the co-pilot of the ill-fated Navy Dornier that crashed around 20 nautical miles southwest of Goa. He along with Lt Shekhawat, an observer, died in the crash, while the pilot Commander Nikhil Joshi miraculously survived the crash rescued by a fisherman, who spotted his unconscious body drifting away in the sea.


Indian Navy Dornier Crash: 24th March 2015

  During Mar 2015, Lt Abhinav Nagori was serving with Indian Naval Air Squadron (INAS) 310, a maritime reconnaissance squadron of the Indian Navy based at Goa. It was one of the most decorated naval air squadrons, with a distinguished history. Initially equipped with French Breguet Br. 1050 Alizé aircraft, the squadron later operated German-origin Dornier Do-228 aircraft from INS Hansa, in Dabolim, Goa. The Dornier Do-228 aircraft inducted in 1991 in the squadron was configured for Maritime Patrol (MP) and Electronic warfare roles. At the time of their induction, the aircraft were fitted with MEL Super Marec 360º Search radar, sonobuoys, AES 210 ESM, and direction-finding systems. Subsequently, HAL's modifications to the airframe included four underwing hardpoints, to accommodate additional external payload including wing-mounted 7.62mm gun pods. In 1998, GPS units and new ELINT equipment were installed resulting in a major capability upgrade for the squadron’s Dorniers. During Op Vijay, from May to July 1999, the "Cobras"  carried out MR/ELINT missions in close coordination with the Army and the Air Force. This was the first time the Dornier was deployed as an EW platform in support of the Army and the Air Force for integrated ELINT operations. The Cobras also played a vital part in the 2001-2002 India-Pakistan stand-off following the Indian Parliament attack by the suspected terrorists on Dec 13, 2001. Deploying at the commencement of 'Op Parakram' in January 2002, the squadron, with aircraft painted in a low visibility grey color scheme, was detached to Naliya to carry out more ELINT operations. On 24 Mar 2015, the squadron undertook one more such mission with Commander Nikhil Joshi, co-pilot Lt Abhinav Nagori, and Lt Kiran Shekhawat, as an observer. Lt  Nagori was operating in a combat role as an observer in the tactical sorties flown over the ocean for tracking and engaging hostile ships violating the country’s maritime boundaries.   The aircrew completed the operational ground checks and the aircraft took off from Goa as planned on 24 Mar 2015. It was a night sortie and was uneventful in the initial part of the mission. At about 10 pm the Dornier aircraft transmitted the message to the Air Traffic Control - "Ops Normal". But as the Dornier was trying to gain height after flying as low as 50 feet, a crucial part of the exercise, it disappeared from the screen of the Naval Air Traffic Controller on duty at that time at the Goa airport. The Naval ATC alerted the air traffic control at the Mumbai, Mangalore, and Trivandrum airports to see if they could trace the plane. Within 40 minutes, the first ship and helicopters of the Indian Navy left the Goa harbour to search for the missing Dornier. Eventually, it was confirmed that the aircraft had crashed about 25nm off the coast of Goa at about 22:08 hours. The body of Lt Abhinav Nagori and that of the co-pilot Lt Kiran Shekhawat  were recovered two days after the crash, while the pilot Commander Nikhil Joshi was rescued by a fisherman. The wreckage of the Dornier was found about 60 m under the sea at the south-west of Goa coast. The body of Lt Abhinav Nagori was found inside the fuselage of the aircraft. Lt Abhinav Nagori was a brave and committed soldier and will always be remembered for her service to the nation and her story will continue to inspire future generations of India.
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    May his soul rest in peace. We are with the family if they need any support.

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    My salute and honor to the young dynamic brave officers lt abhinav nagori and lt kiran shekhawat may soul rest in peace…. Jaihind

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    My Salute and Honor to the young officers May his soul rest in peace

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