Date of Birth : November 4, 1976

Place of birth : Kerala

Last Rank : Lt Cdr

Unit : INAS 551

Arm/Regt : Indian Navy

Martyrdom : March 3, 2010

Lt Cdr Rahul Nair

Lieutenant Commander Rahul Nair hailed from Kerala and was born on November 04, 1976.  Son of a Naval Officer Cdr RM Nair (Retd) and Smt Saraswati Nair, Lt Cdr Rahul had one sister and two brothers as his siblings. He was inclined to join the armed forces since his younger days like his father and continued to follow his dream while growing up. He got selected for the prestigious NDA after his schooling and later went to the Navel Academy.  He was commissioned as a Sub Lieutenant in the Navy and subsequently got trained as a fighter pilot. He was passionate about flying and soon evolved into a professionally competent pilot with expertise in various air operations.  He also trained with the IAF and flew MiG-21s at the Air Force base Chabua in Assam.
After serving for sometime he got married to Ms Lakshmi and the couple was blessed with a son Rohan. Lt Cdr Nair soon gained enough experience and expertise to get inducted into the Naval Aerobatic team “Sagar Pawan”. The Indian Navy aerobatic team Sagar Pawan was formed in 2003 at Dabolim Naval Air Station in Goa, and the team made its formal inaugural debut display (then with only three aircraft) in Kochi, on 11 May 2003 for the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Naval Aviation. The team also known as INSPAT - Indian Navy Sagar Pawan Aerobatic Team or SPAT, flew four HJT-16 Kiran Mk.II planes attached to INAS 551 Squadron, painted in dark blue and white. The planes of SPAT used white, red and blue smokes. 
Kiran Mk II Air crash: 3rd Mar 2010
In March 2010, the aerobatic team “Sagar Pawan”, was tasked to perform in an air show in Hyderabad. On 3 March 2010 one of the Sagar Pawan Kiran Mk. II planes being flown by Cdr Suresh K Maurya and co-pilot Lt Cdr Rahul Nair crashed onto buildings, as they were doing maneuvers during the show. The accident occurred at Bowenpally area near Begumpet airport of Hyderabad. When all the four planes of the “Sagar Pawan” were performing ‘downward bomb burst’, formation, Kiran HJT-16 (IN-078) being flown by Lt Cdr Nair and Cdr Suresh K Maurya failed to pull up and crashed onto the buildings.
Both the pilots were experienced and competent flyers who had flown various operational missions before. But due to some technical snag, they could not control the aircraft at the mission-critical moment and crashed on to the nearby buildings. Lt Cdr Nair managed to eject from the aircraft, but he did not survive as the plane had come too close to the ground for a safe ejection. His parachute didn’t open up fully and got stuck in high tension electric wires, proving fatal for him. The precious life of an accomplished fighter pilot and a committed soldier was lost in this horrific accident. Lt Cdr Rahul Nair was a valiant officer and a competent pilot, who at the age of 33 years laid down his life in the service of the nation.
Lt Cdr Rahul Nair is survived by his father Cdr RM Nair (Retd), mother Smt Saraswati Nair, wife Smt Lakshmi Nair and son Rohan.
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  • Paramjeet Singh Makker

    2023at11:04 am Reply

    Will always be remembered with pride and honour. Our salute to the family and parents for their courage and strength.

  • Dinesh Nair

    2023at11:04 am Reply

    Always in our hearts Brother. So proud of you . Gone to soon ……..till we meet again

  • Renjith VR

    2023at11:05 am Reply

    Mere words cannot express the pride we feel to have such brave souls guarding our Nation but even more pride we feel is when we see how their families supported them to do so. You have our respects for it is the strength in you that has protected this strong Nation and its sovereignty. You are as much as a brave soul as he was.

    He lives on through his dedication and spirit for the Nation. We salute him and you for protecting us all.

    Being in Navy for almost 20 + years, and being a part of this initiative, i am feeling my self rewarded to show my gratitude to the martyr. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat

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