Service No : IC-1333

Date of Birth : November 12, 1922

Service : Army

Last Rank : Major

Unit : 3 (Para) Maratha LI

Arm/Regt : Maratha Light Infantry

Awards : MVC

Martyrdom : March 15, 1948

Major Satyapal Chopra MVC

Major Satyapal Chopra was born on 12 Nov 1922 and had inclination to join the Armed Forces since his childhood. Son of Shri Gouri Nath Chopra, Maj Satyapal joined the Army at the age of about 20 years on 01 July 1942. He was commissioned into the Maratha Light Infantry, a Regiment known for its intrepid soldiers and gallantry in various operations.


Indo-Pak war(Jhangar Operations) : 15 Mar 1948


The attack by Pakistani raiders on Jammu and Kashmir which commenced in Oct 1947 continued unabated and they captured Jhangar on 24 Dec 1947. The capture of Jhangar gave them the strategic advantage to push for their advance to Naushera and Poonch.  Thus the recapture of Jhangar became very important to thwart the advance of enemy forces to Naushera. In order to to recapture Jhangar, Indian Army planned a two Brigade advance on Naushera-Jhangar road. During this advance two companies of 3 Maratha Light Infantry were tasked to march as a vanguard of 50 Para Brigade. Maj Satyapal Chopra was commanding one of the companies that took on the assigned task.


On 15 March 1948, at about 0830 hrs, the two MLI companies moved out on offensive reconnaissance to locate enemy positions in the Pir Thil area. The area had a dominating hill feature, Pir Thil Nakka where the enemy forces had entrenched themselves and were keeping a close watch on Indian forces. The MLI companies’ movement did not go unnoticed  and the enemy forces waited for the companies to come closer. They held fire till the MLI companies reached the open ground within 185 meters of their position. The MLI companies were caught unawares on this open ground and were attacked with four machine guns and six light automatics.


Maj Satyapal Chopra unnerved by the sudden attack rushed forward with a platoon to a position to provide covering fire to his troops. Realizing the precarious situation of the entrapped soldiers, he kept on firing despite being wounded in his face. Maj Chopra  then turned to evacuate his injured soldiers lying on the open ground to safety. He successfully manged to extricate three injured soldiers but when he was trying to evacuate the fourth soldier , he was shot through the head. Maj Satyapal Chopra succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Maj Satyapal Chopra displayed exceptional courage and unfaltering leadership during the operation following the highest traditions of the Indian Army. He was given the nation’s second highest gallantry award, “Maha Vir Chakra” for his outstanding bravery, steadfast resoluteness and supreme sacrifice.

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  • Ashish Shah

    2023at3:40 pm Reply

    I pay tribute to the bravery of Major Chopra who fought for the honor of our country and protected us. I salute and respect your selfless sacrifices for the safety of others.
    Also, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to his family.
    Jai Hind!

  • Jinesh Thakur

    2023at3:41 pm Reply

    This is a great pleasure to me to have a chance to pay tribute for him. To the superhero who had lost his life while protecting the country, we respect and salute you for the sacrifice.
    We left out with no words for the braveness you showed to save the nation.
    Many sacrifices made by soldiers like Major Satyapal Chopra MVC and their families have helped a whole generation with better and secure future.
    Jai Hind !

  • Kuldeep Rain

    2023at3:41 pm Reply

    The history writers have been cruel to us from times immemorial. The history has been drafted the way it suited their vested interest. Same fate has been of 1947 – 48 Pakistani aggression which is called Tribal raid invasion. It is time we set our history sheet right. The aggression was in fact an act of war by Pakistani regular Army aided by Pashtouns of the Pak army in civil uniform.

    My salutes to thousands of brave Maa Bharati sons for defending the borders. Love you Brave Indian Armed forces.

    Kuldeep Raina

  • Pushpa Kapur

    2023at3:41 pm Reply

    Myself Major S.P Chopra’s sister. Proud of his supreme sacrifice. Salute him

  • Lt Col Deepak Chopra

    2023at3:42 pm Reply

    I am Lt Col Deepak Chopra from 20 Lancers
    My father late Maj Chop and Maj SP Chopra were brothers

    Great to see his name mentioned

    Thanks a lot

    • Arpit Sarin

      2023at3:43 pm

      Vande ./|\.

  • Lt Col Deepak Chopra

    2023at3:42 pm Reply

    I am Lt Col Deepak Chopra and Late Major SP Chopra is my father’s elder brother

    Proud of him


    • Ishant

      2023at3:43 pm

      Sir I salute u and ur brother

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