Service No : 5247393L

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naik

Unit : 1/3 GR

Arm/Regt : 3 Gorkha Rifles

Martyrdom : 2016

Naik Anup Kumar Thapa

We are in the process of gathering additional information about this fallen soldier and are putting painstaking efforts in scouring the data available in public domain, towards that end. You may appreciate that it is a humongous task to curate the information about all the martyrs since 1947 and the endeavor demands huge amount of time and resources. Thus, we need the support of the martyr’s family members, former Unit or Formation colleagues, other comrades and friends in this regard. Please share any information about this soldier, if you have, by virtue of your association with him to make his profile comprehensive and inspirational. The information may be in the form of text, photographs or video clips and may be sent as and when available, since the information is dynamically updated.


We would immensely appreciate your valuable assistance in sharing your knowledge about the inspirational journey of this spirited soldier. We look forward to your help in our mission of spreading awareness about the sacrifices of the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces, who gave it all for our brighter tomorrow.

  • If you find any information that is incorrect or inappropriate or have additional information about the soldier that can be added to his memorial site, please contact us by using the tab given below.
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  • Moksh Thapa

    2022at2:40 pm Reply

    He was a good father ,a perfect husband , a perfect soldier a man dedicated to his nation first then his family . He never like to mix his profession and personal life if he is with his family on holiday he’s a civilian spending happy time with his family never really talk about his job because he loved to live the moment he is at that whether he is at home with his family or at the border with his fellow mates he do not care about the past , living his present and also ready for tomorrow . So he was a common man but with a big heart , courage and love . He is the real gentleman and my only ideal .

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