Service No : 15569517L

Date of Birth : December 14, 1982

Place of birth : Ahmednagar, (MH)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Sapper

Unit : 63 RR/118 Engr Regt

Arm/Regt : The Corps of Engineers

Operation : Op Rakshak

Martyrdom : January 28, 2007

Sapper Pramod Shivaji Veer

Sapper Pramod Shivaji Veer hailed from Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra and was born on 14th  December 1982. Son of Sri Shivaji Veer and Smt Suman bai, he was youngest among three siblings. Sapper Pramod Shivaji’s family had a tradition of serving in the Armed Forces and he too was keen to join the Army since his childhood. His father Sri Shivaji Veer served in the Army with Bombay Engineers Group for 15 years and then went on to join the Maharashtra police force. Sapper Pramod studied from great Maratha Vidhya Mandir school and took to wrestling right from 5th standard. He was a fitness lover and would follow a disciplined regimen to keep himself fit.  He would also take interest in health of others and motivate his friends to exercise and train with him.


Sapper Pramod had an affable nature and would make friends very easily. He liked to meet people and was quite popular among the locals. He was a great admirer of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and considered him, his life’s source of inspiration. During 1999 Kargil conflict Sapper Pramod’s desire to join the Army got stronger and eventually he joined the Army on 25th January 2002. Sapper Pramod was recruited into the Corps of Engineers, one of the oldest arms of Indian Army. After serving for few years first in Ferozpur on Punjab border and then in Silliguri in West Bengal, Sapper Pramod was deputed to serve with 63 RR battalion deployed in J & K for counterinsurgency operations.


Op Rakshak: 28 Jan  2007


During 2007, Sapper Pramod Shivaji’s unit 63 RR was deployed in Doda district of J & K and was part of the ongoing “Operation Rakshak”. The unit was engaged in operations against the militants on a regular basis and the soldiers were always in a state of high alert. Based on specific intelligence inputs the unit planned a search and cordon operation on 28 Jan 2007 to nab the hardcore terrorists hiding in Kittur area of Doda district. Sapper Pramod was part of 12 member team that was assigned the task of the operation. Sapper Pramod along with his comrades swung into action and reached the suspected area as per the plan.


The team immediately cordoned off the area and surrounded the suspected house in that locality. On being challenged the terrorists started firing at the troops and a fierce gun battle ensued thereafter. The officer leading the team deployed the troops tactically to block the escape routes and gradually moved the soldiers forward to tighten the cordon. Sapper Pramod was in the forefront during the operation and was engaged in the gun battle with the terrorists. However, as the terrorists seemed to be losing the battle, in a desperate move they started firing indiscriminately in a bid to escape. Sapper Pramod got hit by four bullets and was grievously wounded. He later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Sapper Pramod Shivaji was a valiant and dedicated soldier who at the age of 24 years laid down his life in the service of the nation.


Sapper Pramod Shivaji Veer is survived by his parents, brother Sharad, and sister Surekha.

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  • Rahul

    2023 at 2:07 pm Reply

    Pramod The untold story of a versatile soldier.

    Starting with his Family name.

    The name ‘Veer’ in Marathi means a lot. People usually called Maratha solders as ‘Veer Maratha’. Veer is just not a name, it is the kind of symbolism of intrepid. The name ‘Veer’ was symbol of bravery in warriors’ heart. Hence, it is obvious that Pramod gets into same Path.

    Veer family is serving and protecting nation since the Maratha empire. Will not go much behind the decades but will see from last three generations.
    Pramod’s grandfather had served Indian Army during world war two and have received the great honor from his commanding officers for saving life of couple of people. Also, his father has served the nation around 50 years, being in Indian Army and Maharashtra Police.

    Hence the patriotism was in Pramod’s blood and he was influenced by his Father and Grandfather. Pramod had very versatile nature as well as personality. Sometimes people used to get confuse, whether he is in Army or his a IPS officer. His lived very short life but everyone wishes they could live life like him. As his life was filled with love for everyone.

    Pramod started his schooling from great Maratha Vidhya mandir and their being in 5th standard he started playing wrestling. He loves to meet with people and make friends. Pramod was very kind person and was willing to help others every time.

    Let me share one incident where Pramod has changed my life.

    “I was in 10th standard and it was considered as key milestone in educational life and everyone should score good grade. Unfortunately, I scored C grade and after that my parents was not in favor of allowing me to continue my education. Being a close family member Pramod asked my father that he will take all my expenses till 12th and my father has not to interrupt my study on bet that I will score distinction in 12th. By looking at Pramod’s faith in me I started revisiting myself and got the distinction not only in 12, but also each stream where I studied after that. Hence, he is my role model.”

    Pramod was highly influenced by praised Bhagat Singh throughout his life and he gave full justice to his inspiration till his last breath.

    During his service he continued his aggression and strong will to fight for the country and volunteered his name for RR selection and there Pramod got Martyred.

    I still remember the day 28 Jan. That day could be considered as black day of our life. I was in 12th and my exams was ahead hence I was sitting in my study room, and suddenly whether got changed and rain got started, I felt that sky was also crying for Pramod along with me.

    Still am wondering It could have not been true that he is no more, but again I am thinking that yes it is not true that he is no more. He is still here with me, with his lovely sister, brother, mom and dad. He is still living his life not only our heart he is in Nation’s heart.

    Salute to his kindness, Salute to his loving nature, Salute to his bravery, Salute to his short life, Salute to Pramod.

    Jai Hind.

  • Vikas bhosale

    2023 at 2:08 pm Reply

    Miss you, jai hind

  • amol merat

    2023 at 2:09 pm Reply

    I am proud of you sir you are real hero everything everywhere gard in your service I am writing now all countrymen proud of your

  • Rahul Auti

    2023 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Hi team,

    I am colse family member of Shahid pramod Shivani veer, please do let me know if you are looking for more info about him.

    Rahul 7798473948

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