Service No : 14705104N

Place of birth : Visakhapatnam, AP

Service : Army

Last Rank : Sepoy

Arm/Regt : The Naga Regiment

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Martyrdom : January 12, 2020

Sepoy Sammingi Tulasi Ram

Sepoy Sammingi Tulasi Ram hailed from Pitanivanipa village of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh. After completing his school education, he joined the Indian Army and was recruited into the 3rd Battalion of the Naga Regiment, an infantry Regiment known for its intrepid soldiers. The Naga Regiment, was known to be among the youngest regiments of the Indian Army, with the first battalion having been raised in Ranikhet in 1970.


Tawang Operation: 12 Jan 2020


During 2018, Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram was serving with the 3 Naga battalion and was deployed in Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh. During this period a number of insurgent groups were active in Arunachal Pradesh, who were hostile to the security forces and often carried out pre-planned attacks on them. The Army units deployed in the region maintained a very high state of alert at all times and launched counter-insurgency operations based on intelligence reports, on a regular basis. On 12 Jan 20202,  Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram was on patrol duty in the Yangtse Sector of the Tawang district in  Arunachal Pradesh.


On 12 Jan 2020, Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram and his comrades set off for the patrol as per the planned route. The mountainous roads in the AOR (Area of Responsibility) of the unit were narrow and had steep gradients posing serious challenges to the movement of troops. The area was also prone to land slides posing danger to vehicular as well as patrol movements. As Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram's patrol passed through one of such areas, the sliding rocks fell on the soldiers. As a result Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram got serious injured as he got hit on the head. He soon succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram was a valiant and committed soldier who laid down his life in the line of his duty.


 Sep Sammingi Tulasi Ram is survived by his wife Smt Sammingi Rohini.

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