About Honourpoint

Honourpoint is an online memorial to honour , appreciate and remember the spirited and valiant sons and daughters of India who had the distinction of serving the country in “military uniform”, and are no longer with us. It is an endeavour to ensure that supreme sacrifices of our soldiers and their families do not fade away and are given their rightful place in our nation’s collective consciousness.


It is a way for former comrades, colleagues, family members, friends and other countrymen, to show their profound gratitude to these brave hearts of India for their exemplary service to the nation.


Besides honouring war heroes, who defended the country at the cost of their lives and gave it all for our tomorrow, Honourpoint also attempts to acknowledge the great service of every Indian who had ever worn the “ military uniform” and having completed his/her journey of life has left us forever.


Honourpoint is a personalised shrine of every military family who has lost a loved one , in harness or otherwise, where they can contribute , preserve , express, and share memorabilia, thoughts, pictures, anecdotes and stories to spread awareness and inspire current as well as future generations.

Who we are

We believe that India as a nation owes a debt of gratitude to its legion of soldiers who have preserved the territorial integrity of the nation since its independence, by their blood and sweat and guarded against forces inimical to its geo-political interests. These soldiers deserve their rightful place in our nation’s history and the knowledge about their contribution needs to be collated and preserved for future generations to know about and derive inspiration.


Honourpoint is an attempt to create a living, comprehensive and expandable national repository of most significant events in our nation’s history, that were shaped by these brave souls who lived by upholding the pride of Indian military uniform.


We are aware of the fact that it is indeed a challenging task to create memorial pages for all the soldiers, who are no longer with us and have left a lasting legacy for generations to come. Nevertheless, we have committed to meet this challenge and resolved to bring these inspirational stories to the fore in our nation’s consciousness and give them the honour they truly deserve.