Profile Management

Any military family member, associated unit/formation member, former colleague or close friend, who is a registered member of Honourpoint, can contribute or collate information about the soldier,he/she is associated with,from various credible sources and function as ‘profile manager’ as well, to maintain profile pages in respect of that soldier. The feature allows the ‘profile manager’ to keep adding the information as and when available to keep the content of memorial pages relevant, informative, rich and inspiring. This feature is available to the ‘profile manager’ through Honourpoint admin.

Birth/ Death Anniversary

This feature is available to any registered member of Honourpoint, who has accepted the role of ‘Profile Manager’ to maintain the profile of the soldier he/she is associated with. Such a member can use this feature to send pre-defined information automatically about upcoming birth/death anniversary of the departed soldier to family members/relatives or friends. The contact details of the persons to be communicated are to be provided to Honourpoint whilst accepting the use of this feature by the user.

Pay Tribute

This feature allows every visitor of Honourpoint to pay tribute to either an individual soldier at any time or all war heroes together at a time on commemoration days, observed to celebrate India’s war victories viz. Indo-Pak  1965 war (28 Aug), Vijay Diwas-1971 Indo-Pak war(16 Dec), Kargil Vijay Diwas-1999 Kargil war(26 July). Besides this, the feature also can be used to express feelings of remembrance by family members, former comrades and friends on birth/death anniversaries and other special occasions, in respect of soldiers, “who fell in the line of duty” as well as “who have now passed on”.

Photo Gallery

This feature allows uploading of photographs, connected with the life of the soldier and organising them into a collage. The pictures could bring memories alive and using non-textual means of communication could convey inspiring messages. This feature is available through “Honourpoint Admin” by using the ‘Create a Memorial’ tab.

Video Gallery

This feature can be used to upload videos that have captured some memorable life events of the soldier. The info stored in this format can bring back those inspiring moments more vividly and generate powerful emotional connect. This feature is accessible through ‘Honourpoint Admin’ by using the ‘Create a Memorial’ tab.

Key Information Details

The key information details about the soldier can be grouped under various heads such as ‘About’, ‘Legacy’, ‘Awards’, etc. The feature allows creation of additional tabs(heads) with customised names to organise the available info in a logical format for easy assimilation. This feature is available through ‘Honourpoint Admin’ by using the ‘Create a Memorial’ tab.

Page Info Share

This feature can be used to share information about Honourpoint or profile information of the martyrs on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and also through email. The feature could assist in spreading awareness about the sacrifices of these bravehearts through other social media networks and inspire people to do something equally meaningful.