What is the purpose of honourpoint?

It is an endeavour to acknowledge the sacrifice and service of every Indian, who had the distinction of wearing the Indian military uniform. It is a platform for all countrymen to express and pay their tributes to these departed brave souls and get encouraged by their inspirational life stories to make an equally meaningful contribution to our country.

Whose memorial pages are covered in the category ‘Who fell in the line of duty’?

All soldiers of the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy who have laid down their lives during their active service careers, figure under this category. This includes martyrs of all wars, border skirmishes, terrorist operations and other minor or major armed conflicts.

What are the profiles that fall in the category of ‘Who have now passed on’?

We believe that every soldier is a life well-lived and can provide extraordinary inspiration to present as well as future generations of India. This category covers the profiles of all soldiers, who are no more with us and left for their heavenly abode owing to natural causes either during their service career or after retirement/discharge.

Who can create a memorial?

Any family member, unit/formation colleague, former comrade or friend who is a registered member of Honourpoint can create a memorial for the soldier he/she is associated with. The information for the memorial can be sent using the tab ‘Create A Memorial’. The furnished information, after verification, would be used to create a memorial by Honourpoint.

Is there any facility provided to the user of the website to directly upload the information onto the memorial pages?

No, the information on the memorial pages can only be uploaded through the ‘Honourpoint Admin’ to obviate the chances of inadvertent addition/deletion or uploading of unverified/inappropriate content. This process also ensures the integrity of information and helps in maintaining the sanctity of memorial pages.

What is the concept of ‘Profile Manager’ and what is his/her role?

It may be appreciated that significant time and manpower resources are required to collect information about all the soldiers who deserve to have a memorial on Honourpoint. So, we encourage the family members, former comrades or friends to take on the responsibility of collating information about the soldier they are associated with. Thus anyone who volunteers for this noble task assumes the role of ‘Profile Manager’ and assists Honourpoint in maintaining the profile of that soldier. The ‘Profile Manager’ also ensures the factual correctness, currency and relevance of the information, making the profile pages informative, up-to-date and inspiring.

I am not the ‘Profile Manager’, but I have some additional information to contribute to the memorial page. Can I do that?

Yes, certainly. You can send the information using the tab ‘Create A  Memorial’. The information, after due verification, would be added under the appropriate head in the memorial page.

Can I contribute photos and videos as part of information update?

Yes, you can send information in the form of photos or videos by using the ‘Create A  Memorial’ tab.

Is there any fee being charged for creating and maintaining the memorial pages?

No, this service is being provided completely free of charge.

What are the main features available on Honourpoint?

Honourpoint offers various features that facilitate creation, maintenance and sharing of memorial pages. To know more about the salient features of Honourpoint please click here.

How do I know that a memorial site exists on Honourpoint for a soldier I wish to know about?

You can search for the memorial pages by filling in the information such as rank, name, unit, etc. about the soldier in the search box provided. You can also search by service or wars he/she was associated with.

How do I pay tribute to an individual soldier?

First, search for the memorial page of the soldier you wish to pay tribute to, and then click on the profile photo to access his/her memorial page. You can then write your comments or pay tribute in the ‘Pay Tribute’ section at the bottom of the respective profile page.

Can I pay tribute to all martyrs of a particular war at a time on commemoration days like Vijay Diwas?

Yes, you can pay tribute to all martyrs of Indo-Pak 1965 War, Indo-Pak 1971 War and Kargil War 1999 at one place by selecting ‘Pay Tribute’ (Commemoration Day) tab on the menu available on the right side of the Home Page. You can pay tribute either on respective commemoration days, i.e., 28th Aug – 22nd Sep (1965 War), 16th December (1971 War) & 26th July (1999 War) or at any other time you wish to express your feelings.

Can I share memorial pages with other people on other social media sites?

Yes, you can share information of memorial pages with others in other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linledin by using the respective share icon.

Is there any way to get automatic reminder/email notification about the upcoming birth/death anniversary of a soldier I wish to be associated with?

This service can be used by the ‘Profile Manager’ to automatically inform the relatives/friends of the soldier by submitting the relevant contact details to Honourpoint at the time of requesting for this service.