Honourpoint’s canvass of activities is very vast and calls for considerable amount of resources to achieve its objective. Thus, it needs large number of volunteers to support its core staff in various activities. We are looking for motivated individuals, who are willing to give some part of their time and effort to Honourpoint. The volunteering models available are flexible and primarily virtual, wherein you can devote either fixed or flexible number of hours per week for a particular duration.  If you are an enlightened citizen and believe in the cause of Honourpoint, you can offer your volunteering services in three broad categories, given below.

Content Development

The creation of online memorial for all martyrs of the Armed Forces from 1947 till date is one of the core activities of Honourpoint. The task includes research, compilation, verification and updating the content for the martyrs’ profiles that need to be informative and inspirational as well. The required guidance and training, to the volunteers would be provided by the staff of Honourpoint. Currently the content is being developed in English and Hindi; however the plans are underway to develop into other regional languages as well. You are the right person, to help us if you:

  • Have good command over English or Hindi language
  • Have flair for writing
  • Have interest in India’s history, preferably military history or are willing to learn and explore

If you meet the above criteria, come be a part of this great cause and take the first step by contacting us.


Professional Services

Besides creating the online memorial, the other core activity of Honourpoint is to create awareness about the martyrs of Armed Forces among the public at large. In that regard, it is utilizing all possible channels of communication including the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The intended aim of Honourpoint is to reach as many Indians as possible and inspire them to make a meaningful contribution to the nation in their own way. In today’s internet connected world, the significant role played by the online media in dissemination of information needs no emphasis. So, we are looking for media professionals who can offer their services in whichever way they can to extend our reach to various strata of society in different parts of the country. You are the right person to help us if you:

  • Are an online social media expert
  • Have expertise in film/video creation and related activities
  • Are a professional from print media or digital content distribution platforms

If you are a professional from any of the above categories, come and let your special skills be used for this social cause of great importance. Know more about this volunteering opportunity by contacting us.


Awareness Creators

In spite of the dominant role played by online media in distribution of the content, the importance of offline events in this space still remains as they can facilitate direct connection with the audience. Honourpoint aims to host a series of offline events in various schools, colleges, clubs and other available social platforms as part of its continuously ongoing awareness campaign. The format, duration and frequency of such events would be decided in coordination with the organisations/institutions hosting the event. As can be easily understood, such a campaign at pan India level would need a large number of volunteers who are passionate about this cause. These events though largely volunteer driven, could have, besides Honourpoint many other stakeholders. The events could be designed appropriate to the expected audience with the underlying aim of making them ‘think about the country’ in their daily lives, taking inspiration from the stories of our martyrs. You are the right person to help us, if you:

  • Are a school/college student with an inclination to work for social causes
  • Are a professor/teacher/trainer in an educational institution and want to instil a sense of nationalism among the students
  • Are a member of a youth club/forum or any other social organization and passionate about bringing social change
  • Are an event management professional
  • Are an individual not connected with any organisation but wish to contribute in some way to nation building

If you belong to any one of the above category, come join Honourpoint’s awareness movement and see the change it can bring about. Know more about this volunteer opportunity by contacting us.