Service No : SS-21221

Date of Birth : April 5, 1947

Place of birth : Jabalpur Dist (MP)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Captain

Unit : 8 Madras

Arm/Regt : The Madras Regiment

Operation : Indo-Pak War 1971

Martyrdom : December 19, 1971

Captain Amitava Guha Roy

Capt Amitava Guha Roy hailed from Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh and was born on 5th April 1947. Son of Shri Rathindra Kumar and Smt Manjushree, Capt Amitava Guha Roy was fifth out of eight siblings. He did his schooling at St Xavier School, Ahmedabad, and completed his graduation from Jabalpur. He had a strong desire to serve in the Army since his younger days and consequently, following his passion he eventually got selected to join the OTA Chennai. He passed out of OTA in the year 1967 as a 2nd Lieutenant at the age of 20 years. He was commissioned into 8 Madras of the Madras Regiment, an infantry Regiment well known for its dauntless soldiers and numerous battle exploits. The motto of the Madras Regiment taken from chapter 3, verse 35 of Bhagavad Gita, "Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha", meaning “It is glory to die doing one’s duty”, inspired many soldiers including the young 2nd Lt Amitava Guha Roy. 


After joining his parent unit 8 Madras (Raised in 1948 and nicknamed "Gallant Guerrillas" ), 2nd Lt Amitava Guha Roy soon honed his field craft skills and evolved into a disciplined officer with commendable soldierly skills.  After serving for some time, he got married to Ms Kamlesh from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and also got promoted to the rank of Captain. Barely three and half years into service, Capt Amitava Guha Roy got involved in the thick of operations as his unit got deployed on the eastern border when the war with Pakistan became imminent. 


Indo-Pak War (Eastern Sector): Dec 1971


In Dec 1971, India had to go to war with Pakistan as the genocide perpetrated by the Pakistani army in their erstwhile eastern part of the country had posed an unprecedented influx of millions of refugees. India had to fight the war on its eastern as well as western and northern fronts which culminated in the liberation of Bangladesh. In Nov-Dec 1971, Capt Amitava Guha Roy's unit 8 Madras, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel NH Narayanan, formed part of the 32 Infantry Brigade under the 9 Infantry Division. The unit was deployed in the Eastern Sector under the overall operational control of the II Corps of the Indian Army. Within a short span of joining the unit, Capt Amitava Guha Roy developed into a gritty soldier and fine officer, who was ready to take on challenging tasks. 


The 9 Inf Div, which had launched a successful offensive in the Bayra area as early as 20 November, was facing the Pakistani defences of Jessore when the war was declared. Following the probing attacks of the Division the enemy abandoned Jessore by 7 December to fall back to their line of defences along Daulatpur, Khulna, and across the river, Madhumati. 8 Madras along with a squadron of 63 Cavalry formed one of the two groups of 32 Infantry Brigade, which took up the advance to Khulna along separate axes on 9 December. On 12th Dec, the advancing brigade came up against the stoutly held enemy defences at Siramani, a built-up area on the outskirts of Khulna. After the not-so-successful first attack,  the 32 Infantry Brigade planned a two-phase attack, wherein 13 Dogra were to go in first followed by 8 Madras in the second phase. The attack, after the planning and preparations, was launched only on the morning of 16 December. As it turned out, once the Dogra attack went in successfully, the Pakistani garrison surrendered, in anticipation of the capitulation of their whole army that afternoon. The casualty toll of 8 Madras in the operations amounted to 2 JCOs 5 Other Ranks killed, and 34 Other Ranks wounded. Capt Amitava Guha Roy as "Company Commander" of one of the companies of 8 Madras led his troops with commendable courage in these operations and played a significant role in the "Battle of Siramani". 


On 19th December 1971, after the ceasefire, which came into effect on 16 Dec, Capt AG Roy was leading a convoy to the designated camp.  As the convoy was traversing through the treacherous terrain, on the planned route, the mines laid by the enemy exploded at around 2 am.  The explosion had a devastating effect, severely injuring Capt Amitava Guha Roy. He was evacuated for medical treatment to the Military Hospita, but it was too late by then. He succumbed to his injuries and was martyred. Capt Amitava Guha Roy was a very motivated and inspiring officer, who led his men from the front and laid down his life at the age of 24 years in the service of the nation, following the highest traditions of the Indian Army.


Capt Amitava Guha Roy is survived by his wife Smt Kamalesh G Roy, two younger brothers, Shri Alock & Dr. Aurobindo, and sister Smt Bithi Palit.

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  • Dr Reuben Ray

    2022 at 9:38 pm Reply

    My late brother Capt Amitava Guha Roy, SS 21221, 8 Madras Regiment, was killed on Dec 19, 1971. He was the company commander fought against the enemy for long hours, resulted in the liberation of Shirimoni , Bangladesh. After ceasefire, it was after midnight, at 2am, he was leading his convoy of troops to the destined camp. On the route,he succumbed due to mine explosion as his jeep tossed up in air then crashed his head. In that injured state, he was taken to military hospital but before any medical aid reached he cried ” Ma”, … martyred. I’m the youngest brother of Capt Amitava Giha Roy. …Jai Hind. Dr Reuben Ray, phone 9850724228.

  • Dr Reuben Ray

    2022 at 9:40 pm Reply

    Kindly correct the spelling of his name: Captain Amitava Guha Roy

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