Service No : IC-57111

Date of Birth : August 28, 1975

Place of birth : Delhi

Service : Army

Last Rank : Captain

Unit : 17 Jat

Arm/Regt : The Jat Regiment

Awards : Maha Vir Chakra

Martyrdom : July 7, 1999

Captain Anuj Nayyar MVC

Capt Anuj Nayyar was born on 28 Aug 1975 in Delhi and also grew up there. Son of Prof. Satish Kumar Nayyar and Smt Meena Nayyar, Capt Anuj had a brother named Karan as his sibling. His father, Prof. Satish Kumar Nayyar, worked as a visiting professor in Delhi School of Economics while his mother, Smt Meena Nayyar, worked for the South Campus library of Delhi University. Capt Nayyar studied at Army Public School, New Delhi and grew up to be a very composed and informed child. He had a keen interest in sports and went on to become captain of the Army Public School(APS) Volleyball team. He also excelled in basketball, marathon race, air gun shooting and various other athletic events. Inspired by his grandfather Lieutenant Bakshi Ram Nayyar, he was inclined to serve in the Armed Forces since his younger days. Following his passion, he got selected for the prestigious NDA Khadakwasla while studying in Class XII.


He joined the 90th NDA Course, (Echo Squadron) and passed out in 1996 after excelling in every aspect of training at the Academy. He thereafter went to IMA Dehradun for further training and passed out as a 2nd Lieutenant on 07  June 1997 at the age of 21 years. He was commissioned into17 Jat of the famed Jat Regiment, a Regiment known for its intrepid soldiers and numerous battle honours. After commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant, he got posted to his unit deployed in Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan where he honed his field-craft skills. On 11 Apr 1998, he got engaged to his long time childhood friend Timmie and the wedding was fixed for 10 Sep 1999. However the destiny had something else in store for him. 


Battle of Point 4875 (Kargil War): 06/07 July 1999


During 1999, Capt Anuj Nayyar’s unit was deployed in J & K along the LOC. In 1999, the Indian Army detected a massive infiltration by the Pakistani military and paramilitary forces in the Kargil region of Jammu and Kashmir. The army quickly mobilized its forces to drive out the Pakistani infiltrators from Indian territory. Capt Anuj Nayyar’s 17 Jat battalion, under the command of Col US Bawa, was inducted into the Mushkoh Valley on 22 May 1999. The battalion was functioning under the command of 79 Mountain Brigade (79 Mtn Bde), with overall operational control being exercised by 8 Mtn Div (Mountain Division) under Maj Gen Mohinder Puri. By 30 June 1999, the Indian Army had captured many militarily significant features including Pt 5140 and Pt 4700. The next important feature that was needed to be captured was Pt 4875 which dominated the National Highway from Mugalpur to Drass a stretch of about 30 km. A feature called 'Rocky Knob' linked it with Tiger Hill. Its capture was important to seal the enemy operations in Mushkoh and hasten its withdrawal. A bold plan was made by 79 Mtn Bde under the command of Brig RK Kakar to capture Pt 4875 by utilizing the elements of 17 Jat, 13 JAK Rif, 2 Naga, 12 Mahar, and 21 Para(SF) along with the Artillery support. Pt 4875 feature comprised Whale Back, Pimple I, Pimple II, Southern Slope, and Flat Top; and the Northern side was named Twin Bumps and Saddle.
As per the operational plan, the attack was to be launched on 04 July, and in Phase-I 17 Jat was to capture Pimple I and Whale Back from the south by 05 July morning. In the same phase, 13 Jak Rif was to capture South Spur from the southeast and Pt 4875 from the south; a team of 21 Para(SF) was to establish a block along Safaid Nala; a company of 12 Mahar was to establish a firm base at Pt 4540 and Tekri to interdict enemy between Twin Bumps and Pt 4875. In Phase-II, 17 Jat was to capture Pimple II by 07 July morning and exploit up to North Spur; 13 JAK Rif was to capture Flat Top in the same time frame and 2 Naga was to capture Twin Bumps by 07 July morning and exploit towards the northeast. Capt Anuj Nayyar, who was promoted to the rank of Captian on 23 June 1999, was functioning as platoon commander of 'Charlie Company' under Major Padam Janghu with Major Ritesh Sharma as second-in-command. The assault was launched as planned on 04 July at 2100 hrs by 17 Jat and 13 JAK Rif after softening the enemy targets with two batteries of Bofors. By 0500 hrs, on 05 July, A and D Companies of 17 Jat under the command of Maj RK Singh and Maj Deepak Rampal respectively captured Whale Back and Pimple I despite stiff enemy resistance. In the same time frame, 13 JAK Rif captured Flat Top and by midday, the Pt 4875 was also captured. However, the enemy was still holding out at many places and Phase II of the attack was needed to be launched.
The Charlie Company of 17 Jat led by Maj Ritesh Sharma launched the attack on Pimple II on 06 July night from the direction of Whale Back. During the initial phase of the assault, Capt Nayyar’s company commander Maj Ritesh Sharma got wounded after sustaining splinter injuries and was evacuated. Capt Nayyar who had been promoted to the Captain’s rank during the Kargil war itself, took over as the company commander. The Pakistani infiltrators had constructed several bunkers on Pt. 4875 and Capt Nayyar’s soldiers located 4 enemy bunkers which were attacking our troops with automatic machine guns. Capt Nayyar deployed his rocket launcher detachment and took two of his men as he crawled ahead. He lobbed the hand grenade into the first bunker and silenced it. Without halting, Capt Nayyar rushed towards the second bunker and silenced it too by lobbing another grenade. The third bunker fell when he along with some of his soldiers rushed and cleared it. However, while clearing the fourth bunker, an enemy rocket-propelled grenade directly hit Capt Nayyar. Despite being grievously injured, Capt Nayyar continued to lead the remaining men in his company. He soon succumbed to his injuries but not before clearing the last bunker on Pt. 4875.
During the battle, Capt Nayyar killed 9 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed three medium machine gun bunkers. The securing of the Pimple Complex area paved the way for the recapture of Tiger Hill which finally forced Pakistan to retreat its forces to pre-conflict positions. Besides Capt Anuj Nayyar, 28 other soldiers were martyred during this entire operation. The other soldiers who laid down their lives during this operation included Hav Bhagwan Singh, Hav Kumar Singh, Hav Hari Om, Hav Mahavir Singh, Nk Balwan Singh, Nk Krishan Lal, Nk Rishipal Singh, Nk Ram Swaroop Singh, L Nk Rajesh, L Nk Ramvir Singh, L Nk Vijay Singh, L Nk Rajbir, Sep Syodana Ram, Sep Raj Singh, Sep Karan Singh, Sep Kalu Ram Jakhar, Sep Kanchi Singh, Sep Satyvir Singh, Sep Surender, Sep Anil Kumar, Sep Hawa Singh, Sep Jitendra Singh, Sep Naresh Kumar, Sep Shish Ram, Sep Virander Kumar. L Nk Rajendra Singh and Sep Dharamvir Singh were martyred on 8th Jul, whereas Nk Shyam Bir Singh succumbed to his injuries on 9th Jul 1999. Capt Nayyar showed extreme courage and grit in the face of the enemy while leading from the front in dire circumstances. His courage and leadership were an inspiration to his troops. He had such a deep impact on his troop members that Tejbir Singh, a fellow soldier of the Jat Regiment, named his son Anuj in honour of Capt Anuj Nayyar.
Capt Anuj Nayyar was given the nation’s second-highest gallantry award, ”Maha Vir Chakra” for his exceptional courage, unyielding fighting spirit, and supreme sacrifice. Capt Anuj Nayyar is survived by his father Prof. Satish Kumar Nayyar, mother Smt Meena Nayyar, and brother Shri Karan Nayyar.
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    Proud of you and the subordinates you led during the kargil conflict and got martyrdom.


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    We proud on you sir…..Aap logo ki wajah se hum aaj chain ki saas le rhe h….aap log apna sab kuch chod kr isilye krte h taki hum aaram se g ske…..hum apka balidaan kabi nai bhul skte sir…

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    country proud when thwy discous about offisor Mr. Anuj nayyar which was die in kargil war Anuj nyyar was the super heroes for all that childs and all country cytizens and we proud to said about anuj ny…… he was such a great man who live for owr country and he was also the motivation for all the peoples which live for owr country
    he was my hero
    love you anuj nayyar sir

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    We proud on you sir for your supreme sacrifice for us and you are inspiration for all youth sir.jai hind

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