Service No : 13659803F

Date of Birth : September 9, 1944

Place of birth : Prayagraj Dist(UP)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Guardsman

Unit : 9 Guards

Arm/Regt : The Brigade of the Guards

Operation : Indo-Pak War 1971

Martyrdom : November 21, 1971

Guardsman Dina Nath Yadav

Guardsman Dina Nath Yadav hailed from Murarpatti village in Phulpur Tehsil of Allahabad (Prayagraj) district in Uttar Pradesh and was born on 09 Sept 1944. Son of Shri Jhallar Yadav and Smt Chunnu Devi, Gdsm Dina Nath had four brothers Rajnath, Amarnath, Triloki Nath, and Swami Nath, and a sister Rajkumari as his siblings. Guardsman Dina Nath did his primary education (up to class V) in a nearby primary school, but could not continue further as he had to work in the fields as an agricultural labourer.  Later, he joined as a worker in a Birla factory in Madhya Pradesh. But he had always dreamt of joining Indian Army since his younger days and this passion enabled him to join the Army. He was enrolled as a Guardsman in the year 1962, in 9 Guards Battalion of the Brigade of the Guards, an infantry Regiment known for its gallant soldiers with a long history of numerous battle exploits.


By 1971, he had put in around 09 years of service and had served in various field areas and gained the field-craft skills required to be a battle-ready soldier.  He also participated in the Indo-Pakistani War in 1965 and was awarded the 'Samar Seva Star' and the 'Raksha Medal' for his meritorious service. In the year 1971, as the situation along the Indo-Pak borders worsened and war clouds started gathering around the horizon, Guardsman Dina Nath's unit got deployed on the eastern front. 


Battle for Karimganj (Eastern Front) Indo-Pak War: 21 Nov 1971


During Nov 1971, Gdsm Dina Nath's unit 9 Guards was deployed in the Karimganj district of Assam. Though the war with Pakistan actually commenced on 03 Dec 1971, when Pakistani Air Force attacked Air Bases of India, the border skirmishes were going on much before that and the Indian Army had moved a number of units to the operational areas in the early part of 1971. Indian Army had established a base camp in Karimganj in the Deulitila area to keep a check on the Pakistani forces deployed at Zakiganj.  Karimganj at that time looked like a battle zone with the common sight of patrolling military vehicles, armoured vehicles in government schools and colleges, etc.  The Sambhu Sagar Park near the statue of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Char bazaar, Das Patty, Steamer Ghat and many other places of Karimganj were fully under Indian Army control. Gdsm Dina Nath's 9 Guards battalion and other Army units deployed in Karimganj were functioning under the overall operational control of IV Corps headquartered at Agartala under the command of Lt Gen Sagat Singh. 


An attack on Pakistani forces at Zakiganj was planned on 21 Nov 1971, as they were celebrating Eid festival on that day.  Initially, D Company crossed the Kushiara river and secured the border around Kushiara. Later, C and E Company under the command of Major MM Kapoor along with BSF jawans crossed the river and created roadblocks along the road. In the meantime A and B Companies under the command of Major BBL Narang reached the FUP (Forming Up Place). When the D Company with other platoons was just 800 yards to Zakiganj, the troops got divided and launched a multi-directional attack, successfully effecting an entrance into Zakiganj.  Besides Gdsm Dina Nath's 9 Guards, the troops of 64 Cavalry, 99 Mtn Regt, BSF and 1 Company of East Bangladesh Regiment took part in the operation. It took Indian troops about 3 ½ hrs to push back the Pakistanis from Zakiganj, who left behind a large number of arms and ammunition. However, Major Chaman Lal from 99 Mtn Regt and Guardsman Dina Nath Yadav from 9 Guards battalion received gunshots during this operation and were martyred. By 22 Nov 1971, Zakiganj was totally under the control of Indian Army, which paved the way for future successful operations in that area. Gdsm Dina Nath played an important role in the battle of Karimganj and he came to be known as the saviour of Karimganj along with Major Chaman Lal and SI Bharat Singh Gurung from BSF among the local people. 


Guardsman Dina Nath Yadav was a gallant soldier, who laid down his life at the age of 27 years in the line of his duty, following the highest traditions of Indian Army.

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