Service No : 15501379W

Place of birth : Rewari, Haryana

Service : Army

Last Rank : Lance Dafedar

Arm/Regt : The Armoured Corps

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Martyrdom : January 27, 2021

Lance Dafedar Deepak Kumar

Lance Dafedar Deepak Kumar hailed from Juddi village in Kosli tehsil of Rewari district in Haryana. Son of Late Shri Krishna Kumar and Smt Raj Devi, LD Deepak Kumar was inclined to join the Armed Forces since his younger days. Born in the year 1984 LD Deepak Kumar joined the Army after completing his schooling in the year 2005 at the age of 21 years. He was recruited into the Armoured Corps, the combat arm of Indian Army well known for its battle tanks and other heavy weapons.
After serving for a couple of years, LD Deepak Kumar got married to Ms Pinky and the couple had a son Alok. By 2021, he had completed over 15 years of service and had taken part in various field operations. After serving with his parent unit LD Deepak Kumar, was later deputed to serve with 24 RR battalion, deployed in J&K for counter insurgency operations. 


Shamshipora IED Blast: 27 Jan 2021


During Jan 2021, LD Deepak Kumar’s unit was deployed in Kulgam district of J & K and was engaged in operations against the terrorists on a regular basis. The AOR(Area of Operations) of the unit fell into the region affected with active militancy which demanded 'high alert' at all times on the part of the troops. The battalion followed strict SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures) while moving its men  and material by deploying road opening teams to conduct sanitization of the area. LD Deepak Kumar was part of one such road opening team on 27 Jan 2021 along the Srinagar-Jammu highway. 


LD Deepak Kumar and his comrades were part of road opening team deployed along the Shamshipora stretch of Srinagar-Jammu highway. As LD Deepak Kumar and his team were engaged in the sanitization exercise, the terrorists detonated an IED(Improvised Explosive Device) planted in an abandoned building with in the campus of a government middle school in Subhanpora frequented by the 24 RR battalion.  The IED blast caused an explosion unleashing a spray of splinters that struck LD Deepak Kumar and three other soldiers. The soldiers were rushed for the medical treatment to 92 Base Hospital at Srinagar. However LD Deepak Kumar later succumbed to his injuries and was martyred.


LD Deepak Kumar was a brave and dedicated soldier who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation. LD Deepak Kumar is survived by his mother Smt Raj Devi, wife Smt Pinky Kumar and son Alok.

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  • Anand Somashekar Hiremath

    2021at2:25 pm Reply

    We are forever indebted by your ultimate sacrifice. Words are not enough to describe your loss to the country and your family. A BIG Salute to your parents, wife and son. JAI HIND

  • Sanjay

    2021at7:36 am Reply

    Jai Hind

  • Bhavani

    2021at12:08 pm Reply


    You lost Blood to save our lives.. Your Sacrifice is felt and we are indebted to you!

    Jai Hind!

  • Anand Rajaraman

    2021at10:17 pm Reply

    The whole country bows to the supreme struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers like you over the decades. Your stories, courage and sacrifice for the country is an inspiration to millions of Indians who want to work for the prosperity of our nation and take it to greater heights with each passing day.


    2021at7:41 am Reply

    Dear Family Members of Lance Dafedar Deepak Kumar,

    It is truly disheartening to note that Lance Dafedar Deepak Kumar’s life had come to an end this early. But reading his commitment to our nation is truly spell bounding and I am sure the citizen’s of our nation are behind you all to provide support.

    My prayers to the Almighty to bless you all to overcome this loss and heartfelt thanks to your family for providing a warrior to our nation. My request to God: please do not let the family suffer because of his loss and wish that his young son studies well and prospers in life to support the family.



  • punyashree

    2021at7:18 pm Reply

    stay home stay safe

    • Diksha sharma

      2021at1:33 pm

      Dear family member,
      Sacrifice of Lance Dafadar Deepak Kumar will never be forgotten. Your sacrifice of a son, brother and a family member will never be forgotten and he is always alive in our heart and somewhere still he us protecting our nation.
      Jai hind

  • Pallavi Warad

    2021at10:39 am Reply

    “No words and No sentence can describe your sacrifices”
    A big solute to you and your family…
    Real Hero of India….
    Thanks to you and your family…
    जय हिन्द जय भारत।

  • Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari

    2021at9:53 am Reply

    I salute the Indian army ..I salute the Indian soldiers who were martyred ..My heart goes out to the families of these brave soldiers

  • Dushyant Bharat Karani

    2021at9:16 am Reply

    Thank you for your valiant effort and duty.

  • Bhupender Kumar

    2023at10:56 am Reply

    Deepak Bhai I Miss You Yaar

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