Service No : SS-31994N

Place of birth : Dehradun(U'Khand)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Lieutenant

Unit : 170 Fd Regt

Arm/Regt : The Regiment of Artillery

Operation : Op Pawan

Martyrdom : December 15, 1987

Lieutenant Shah Maluk Dutt

Lieutenant Shah Maluk Dutt hailed from Dehradun in Uttarakhand and was born in a military family.  Son of an army officer who served in the Army Education Corps, he was inclined to join the army since his younger days and continued to follow his dream. Eventually he got selected to join the army after completing his graduation and joined the prestigious OTS now known as Officers' Training Academy(OTA), Chennai.  He joined the SS-39 course and passed out on 09th March 1985 from OTS Madras (Now OTA Chennai). He got commissioned into the 170 Field Regiment of the Regiment of Artillery, an important combat arm of the Indian Army well known for its field guns, howitzers and other heavy weaponry. 


Lt SM Dutt had a keen interest in art too and was very artistic and creative. His creative works were also part of the Art Club at OTS Madras. He grew up to be a very responsible and matured person and endeared himself to his family and friends. After completing his training he served in Army bases in Deolali and then in Allahabad. During 1987, Lt Shah Maluk Dutt was sent to Sri Lanka as part of IPKF operations in Op Pawan.


Operation Pawan: 15 Dec 1987


During 1987, Lt Shah Maluk Dutt's unit 170 Field Regiment was deployed in Allahabad, as part of 4 Arty Bde under the command of Col HJ Singh.  Following Indo-Sri Lanka accord signed on 29 July 1987, the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was inducted in Sri Laka in August 1987. The elements of 170 Fd Regt too were inducted into Sri Lanka from 23 Nov 1987 as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). Lt Shah Maluk Dutt also joined the team of 170 Fd Regt that was inducted as part of IPKF operations. As part of Indo-Sri Lanka accord, the militants were supposed to surrender but the dreaded LTTE backed out and unleashed war on Indian forces. Initially only 54 division of the Army was inducted but the escalation of the operations brought three more divisions 3, 4 and 57 into the conflict. Lt Shah Maluk Dutt and his comrades had established various observation posts(OP) to monitor the activities of LTTE and secure their AOR(Area of Responsibility). The troops also launched armed patrols to monitor the area in between the posts. On 15 Dec 1987, Lt Shah Maluk Dutt proceeded with an armed patrol to occupy one of the observation posts(OP)in their AOR.


In the morning of 15 Dec 1987, Lt Shah Maluk Dutt along with his soldiers set off for the OP along the pre planned route. The route passed through thick jungle and treacherous terrain. However, despite the challenges, Lt Dutt and his comrades trudged on, in the unknown terrain where springing an ambush was the norm followed by the enemy. As was the modus operandi of the LTTE, Lt Dutt's team was ambushed by the insurgents in a sudden and surprising manner.  Rising to the occasion, Lt SM Dutt immediately swung into action and returned fire trying to counter the ambush. The LTTE militants were hiding in safe places and attacking from vantage points. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Lt SM Dutt and his men fought bravely unmindful of their own safety. However in the fierce gun battle, Lt SM Dutt and two of his soldiers Lance Naik Udai Narain Singh and Gunner (TA) Satyavir Singh got severely injured. They soon succumbed to their injuries and were martyred. Lt SM Dutt was a valiant soldier and an officer par excellence, who laid down his life in the service of the nation, following the highest traditions of the Indian Army.

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  • Lt Col IB Dutt (Retd)

    2022at7:39 pm Reply

    He was my cousin, son of my real Chacha. His father is settled in Dehradun and is an ex-soldier. He retired as a major from Army Education Corps. When I was posted In IMA he used to frequently visit us. A very affectionate respectful and responsible person. Last I met him when he was in Deolal and I was posted at Artillery Centre Nasik. We have very sweet memories of this great son of India. MAy God rest his soul in peace.

  • Col Nasser Hussain Dubey

    2023at10:21 am Reply

    Lt Shah Muluk Dutt was my Coursemate From SS 39 and we passed out on 09th March 1985 from OTS Madras.

    During the training period we interacted very closely for a period of an year and found Dutt to be a very matured personality. He was very artistic and creative. His creative works were also part of the Art Club at OTS Madras. We pray for this great soul and his great sacrifice towards our Nation of which we are all very proud of.

  • Capt Prakash Chandra

    2023at10:40 am Reply

    Dutts reside in Dehradun. I am a neighbor to his lane. SS39 has his pics in coffee table book. Any other things required will be a great service for me.
    Capt Prakash Chandra, SS39,
    Society Area, Near Sakshi Electricals,
    Subhash Nagar, Dehradun
    Mob 9557555663

  • Capt Rajaraman S

    2023at11:03 am Reply

    Muluk Dutt was a gentleman and intellectual. I have food memories of him as an very good hearted well behaved Gentleman cadet in OTA in 1984-85. May his atma attain mukti . We remember and respects Sir

  • Jyotsana Patel

    2023at11:56 am Reply

    He was my pen pal n later on his parents n sister were connected to me.
    I visited his parents his sister younger one came to our place . His parents n I communicated through letters.
    I have very fond memories of Lt.S.M.Dutt
    God bless his Soul n give eternal peace

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