Service No: IC-13056

Date of Birth: Jan 02, 1939

Place of Birth: Fatehpur, UP

Service: Army

Last Rank : Major

Last Unit : 3 Jat

Arm/Regt : The Jat Regiment

Operation: Op Riddle

Award: Maha Vir Chakra

Date of Martyrdom : Sep 25, 1965

Major Asa Ram Tyagi MVC

Major Asa Ram Tyagi was born on 02 Jan 1939 in Fatehpur in Ghaziabad district of  Uttar Pradesh. Son of Shri Saguwa Singh, Maj Asa Ram had two siblings, elder brother, Shri Pashuram Tyagi and younger brother Shri Shyam Sunder Tyagi. Major Asa Ram Tyagi was commissioned on 17 Dec 1961, into 3 Jat of the famed Jat Regiment, known for its valour and great service to the nation.


Battle of Dograi (Indo-Pak War) : 21 Sep 1965


On 21 September 1965, the 3 Jat battalion was given the task of capturing enemy positions in Dograi village in Pakistan. The A company led by Major Asa Ram Tyagi advanced on Sept 21, to capture the eastern edge of Dograi, which was well defended by one enemy company with tanks, recoil-less guns and pillboxes. Major Tyagi after assessing the enemy deployment and available resources with him decided to press ahead with the forward-most platoon of his company.


While assaulting the enemy positions,  Major Tyagi was hit by two bullets in the right shoulder. But he continued to move ahead, directing his soldiers to fire.  Major Tyagi realized that the enemy tanks were the biggest threat to their advance and needed to be neutralized. Without caring for his personal safety,  Major Tyagi attacked two tanks with hand grenades and neutralized the crew members . Consequently the two enemy tanks were captured intact and a big threat was eliminated. However during the process, Major Tyagi was hit by three more bullets. Undeterred, he continued to advance along with his troops till he fell unconscious. Inspired by his heroism and exemplary leadership, his troops fought with double vigour and succeeded in capturing the objective.


Major Tyagi later succumbed to his injuries on 25 Sep 1965 and was martyred. Major Asa Ram Tyagi was awarded ‘Maha Vir Chakra’ for his daredevilry, indomitable spirit, outstanding leadership and supreme sacrifice..

Citation for the Maha Vir Chakra awarded to him reads:-


On the night of 21 September 1965, Major Asa Ram Tyagi personally led the leading platoon of a company of a Jat Battalion to capture an enemy position in Dogral village in Pakistan, which was defended by a troop of tanks, covering pillboxes and recoilless guns. While assaulting the enemy position, Major Tyagi was hit by two bullets in the right shoulder. In spite of his injury, he pressed on against the enemy tanks, personally destroyed the crew with grenades and captured two tanks intact. In this process he was again hit by three more bullets, but still continued to lead his company till he fell unconscious.


He was subsequently evacuated to a military hospital where he died. Greatly inspired by his conspicuous bravery, his men captured the objective.

  • Shaheed Major Asa Ram Tyagi Smriti Sewa Trust is being run in Modinagar (UP) in his honour.
  • Shaheed Major Asa Ram Tyagi’s statue is located on the  Railway Road in Modinagar.
  • The District Authorities have named the road from Modinagar to Fatehpur after him.
  • One hospital, a primary school and a children’s park have also been named after him.
  • The Housing project of Tyagi Nagar in Lucknow has been named after Major Asa Ram Tyagi MVC.
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  • Anuani Ani

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    My salute and respect to you Maj Asa Ram Tyagi, Your supreme sacrifice will always inspire the future generations of India. Jai Hind..

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    I salute to major saab for his supreme sacrifice for the nation.Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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    My salute to veer shahid maj.Asha Ram Tyagi. Who gave an example of high order of sacrifice for the country . Jay bharat .
    Maj. Tyagi was a real hero.and my real foofa ji. My family is proud of him. Jay jay jay . Major Asha ram tyagi amar rahen.

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    Really a great person.
    Whole India should salute him.
    He is one of the lion of the pride of India

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    I want to become like him

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    Grand salute to Maj Asa Ram Tyagi for his selfless sacrifice to the nation ,exemplary courage and leadership.

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    Jai Hind son of Bharat

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    Jai hind

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    Brave soldier of bharat mata

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