Service No : 13621634F

Date of Birth : July 22, 1978

Place of birth : Pithoragarh, U'khand

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naik

Unit : 10 Para (SF)

Arm/Regt : The Parachute Regiment

Operation : Op Vijay ( Kargil )

Martyrdom : May 19, 1999

Naik Kundal Singh Belal

Naik Kundal Singh Belal hailed from Belal village in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand and was born on 22 Jul 1978. Son of Shri Ram Singh Belal and Smt Kuna Devi, he always nursed the idea of serving in the Armed Forces since his younger days. Following his passion he eventually joined the Army. He was recruited into the Parachute Regiment, an infantry Regiment well known for its gallant soldiers and various daredevil operations. Later he volunteered to join the 10 Para(SF) battalion, known as “Desert Scorpions” specially trained for desert warfare. 


Raised in 1967 by splitting 9 Para (SF),  10 Para(SF) later took part in the 1971 war and conducted one of the most successful commando operations in the world – The Chachro Raid. This operation became a case study in the US Special Forces and UK Special Forces – SAS. Subsequently, in 1987, 10 Para (SF) was a part of the Indian Peace Keeping Forces in Sri Lanka. In the year 1999, the unit got deployed in the Batalik sector of Ladakh. By that time Naik Kundal Singh Belal had put in around 10 years of service and had developed into a tough and dependable commando, capable of undertaking daring operations. 


Kargil War (Batalik Sector Operation):19 May 1999


During May 1999, Naik Kundal Singh's unit 10 Para(SF) was deployed in the Batalik sector of Ladakh and was part of "Operation Vijay". The unit was functioning under the command of the 70 Infantry Brigade with the overall control being with the 3 Infantry Division. By early May 1999, Pakistani forces had intruded well across the LOC, in the Mushkoh, Drass, Kaksar, and Batalik sectors. The extent of penetration across the LOC varied from 4 to 8 km in each sector. The intrusions in Batalik -Yaldor area were first detected in the first week of May 1999. In many vital points, neither artillery nor air power could dislodge the enemy forces, who were not in visible range. On discerning the layout of ground and enemy intrusions, it was decided to first drive a wedge in the enemy intrusion area by opening a corridor to the LOC through the Junk Lungpa and thereafter tackle each area piecemeal. This task was given to 10 Para(SF) along with 12 JAK LI and a company of Ladakh Scouts. Naik Kundal Singh was part of the 10 Para(SF) team that was assigned the task. 
Naik Kundal Singh along with his comrades launched the operation on 19 May 1999 with an aim to secure the area of Junk Lungpa. This area lying between Point 5203 and Point 5287 was strategically significant as it could enable 70 Inf Bde to launch operations to capture ridges occupied by the enemy in the west, east, and north. While the operation was underway, Naik Kundal Singh and other troops came under enemy attack as the enemy soldiers could observe their movements. In the fierce gun battle, Naik Kundal Singh and one of his comrades Nk SS Shekhawat got seriously injured. They later succumbed to their injuries and were martyred. Inspired by the gallant action of these brave hearts, the troops continued the operation, despite stiff opposition by the enemy forces. Eventually, the mission was successfully completed on 03 June 1999. Naik Kundal Singh was a valiant and dedicated soldier, who laid down his life at the very young age of 21 years in the service of the nation.
Naik Kundal Singh Belal is survived by his father Shri Ram Singh Belal and mother Smt Kuna Devi.
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