Service No : JC-212589

Date of Birth : August 15, 1955

Place of birth : Churu Dist (Raj)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Subedar

Unit : 2 Raj Rif

Arm/Regt : The Rajputana Rifles

Operation : Op Vijay ( Kargil )

Awards : Sena Medal

Martyrdom : June 13, 1999

Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore SM

Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore hailed from Dudhwa Khara village of Churu district in Rajasthan. Son of Shri Dungar Singh Rathore and Smt Kamal Devi, he was born on 15 Aug 1955. After completing his schooling he joined the Indian Army on 26 Apr 1975 at the age of 19 years. He was enrolled into 2 Raj Rif Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles, an infantry Regiment known for its gallant soldiers and glorious history of numerous battle exploits.


After serving for a few years, he got married to Ms Kamla Kanwar and the couple had two sons Narender Singh & Himat Singh, and a daughter Anita Kumari. By the year 1999, he had put in around 24 years of service and had been promoted to the rank of Subedar. By then he had served in various field areas and developed into a dependable Junior Commissioned Officer. During his service, he took part in various operations and proved his mettle as a soldier many a times. The significant operations that he participated included Op Orchid (1976-77), Op Blue Star (1984), Op Black Thunder (1986-88) and  Op Rakshak (1994-95). 


Battle of Tololing (Kargil War): June 1999


Shortly after the signing of the Lahore declaration in 1999, the Pakistan Army surreptitiously occupied the winter vacated posts of the Indian Army. On 03 May 1999, these intrusions were detected and on 26 May 1999, the first air-to-ground strike was launched by the Indian Airforce (IAF), followed by Operation Vijay, by the Indian Army to evict the intruders from the Indian areas. The army quickly mobilized its forces to drive out the Pakistani infiltrators from Indian territory. Sub Sumer Singh's 2 Raj Rif battalion, under the command of Lt Col MB Ravindranath, which was part of 81 Mountain Brigade in the Lolab valley was inducted into the Drass area on 04 June 1999. The battalion was functioning under the command of 56 Mtn Bde, with overall operational control being exercised by 8 Mtn Div under Maj Gen Mohinder Puri. The Tololing Heights was the deepest penetration beyond the LC by the Pakistani intruders. Tololing and another feature named Point 4590 were among the vital peaks for India, as they overlooked the Drass sector and a large section of the National Highway.  The task of capturing the Tololing feature was assigned to 56 Mtn Bde. The Tololing feature comprised Pt 4590, Tololing Top, South East Spur, South Spur, and Hump to its north. Pt 4590 and Tololing Top dominated all the approaches leading to it. As per the plan of attack of 56 Mtn Bde, 2 Raj Rif was tasked to capture the Tololing top by 0600 Hr on 13 June 1999. 18 Garh Rif battalion was to capture Pt 5140 by 0700 hrs on 13 June. Two companies of 18 Grenadiers were to provide a firm base and the balance of the battalion was to act as reserve to 2 Raj Rif.  


When the battalion launched the attack on 12 June 1999 at 2030 hrs, Sub Sumer Singh was part of the "Charlie Company" team led by Major Vivek Gupta. Sub Sumer Singh Rathore was functioing as the Mortar Fire Controller for Charlie Company during the assault. During the attack, he saw Sub Bhawar Lal, platoon Commander, with the leading section falling, after being hit by the enemy's light Machine Gun bursts. Seeing Maj Vivek Gupta also coming under heavy enemy fire and his party being heavily outnumbered Sub Sumer Singh took charge of a section and led it from a flank. Under his command, his section brought down heavy and accurate fire on the enemy. During the charge he was hit by a volley of bullets in the abdomen. Despite being grievously wounded he continued to fire at the enemy and encouraging his men led the charge on to the dominating enemy bunker, destroying it by lobbing grenades before finally succumbing to injuries. It was his valiant action beyond the call of duty that facilitated the advance of the company and ultimately resulted in the capture of the heavily held enemy position. Besides Sub Sumer Singh, one officer, one JCO (Junior Commissioned Officers), and six other soldiers of 2 Raj Rif were martyred during the operation. The other martyred brave hearts included their leader Major Vivek Gupta, Sub Bhanwar Lal, CHM Yashvir Singh Tomar, Hav Sultan Singh Narwaria, Nk Chaman Singh, Nk Surendra Singh, Rfn Bachan Singh, and Rfn Jasvir Singh. 


Sub Sumer Singh Rathore was awarded “Sena Medal” posthumously for his commendable bravery, indomitable fighting spirit and supreme sacrifice. Sub Sumer Singh Rathore is survived by his wife Smt Kamla Kanwar, son Shri Narender Singh & Shri Himat Singh and daughter Ms Anita Kumari.

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  • Navanit Kumar Tiwari

    2021 at 10:49 am Reply

    Truly speaking
    always just every time actually acknowledge all those sacrifices that are actually made by all our soldiers in order to just keep all civilians safe, also for civilians they actually leave behind their very own families. Tons and tons of thanks givings for my soldiers.
    We all are just so very safe and so very sound in our houses, credits for all this sense of security only and only goes to our bravest as well as to our most courageous soldiers.
    I love indian military so much!
    Jay Hind

    • Abhijeet Kumar

      2021 at 10:01 pm

      My message is for Ms Kamla Kanwar and Narender Singh, Himat Singh and Anita Kumari.

      Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore is a real Hero. As I was reading about him, I found that he was born on 15 Aug 1955, the first thing which came in my mind that Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore must be a patriot by birth as he was born on the Independence Day.

      And I guess his act of valour in the line of duty has proven his patriotism and the devotion towards the Nation.
      He was hit by bullet, but he was unstoppable at the LOC. His contribution in Kargil War, especially at Tololing Point is irreplaceable.

      Truly a courageous act by Subedar Sumer Singh Rathore Ji.
      Salute to his Bravery and Supreme Sacrifice.
      Jai Hind.

  • Devika Jain

    2021 at 9:16 am Reply

    The sacrifices made by people for our country is a really special thing. And the feeling you get on finding out that not hundreds but thousands over thousands of people have sacrificed their lives for us and for our country is very special. We are all happily safe and sound in our houses with a sense of security and wellbeing, these credits go staright to the bravest hearts of our country.
    Jay Hind

  • Devika Jain

    2021 at 9:19 am Reply

    Sir you have given us a peaceful sleep when you are awake for protecting our borders. Thank you is not enough. To leave your near and dear ones alone we pray you.
    I Salute you Major from Bottom of My Heart

    • Himmat Rathore

      2022 at 2:02 pm


  • Mrudula Bandugula

    2021 at 10:08 am Reply

    I salute you Subedar for your selfless sacrifice and setting a great example for your fellow officers. We are able to maintain peace and security in our nation because of officers like you.
    I can’t thank you enough for your service. You have displayed a true sense of leadership and courage while facing the enemy.

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