Service No : MS-20323K

Date of Birth : 1997

Place of birth : Deoria Dist (UP)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Captain

Arm/Regt : Army Medical Corps

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Awards : Kirti Chakra

Martyrdom : July 19, 2023

Captain Anshuman Singh KC

Captain Anshuman Singh hailed from Bardiha Dalpat village of Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh and was born in the year 1997. Son of an army veteran Subedar Ravi Pratap Singh, he was the youngest among three siblings with an elder brother and sister. He did his schooling at Rashtriya Military School Chail, a residential school located in Himachal Pradesh. While studying in the Rashtriya Military School his inclination towards the Armed Forces grew and the foundation of his future military life was laid. After completing his schooling, he got selected for the prestigious AFMC Pune to pursue his graduation in medicine. 


Upon completing his studies at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, he embarked on a journey of service by joining the Indian Army. He was commissioned into the Army Medical Corps, the corps that provides medical service to the Indian Army during peace and war. Beginning his career as an Army Medical Corps officer, he dedicated himself to the noble cause of providing medical care and support to his fellow servicemen.  After serving for some time, he got married to Ms Shristi Singh on 10 Feb 2023, an engineer by profession.


Siachen Glacier Fire Accident : 19 Jul 2023


During July 2023, Capt Anshuman Singh was serving with 403 Field Hospital of 26 Punjab battalion on attachemnt from 26 Madras deployed in Siachen Glacier. The area remained inaccessible during the winter months and the soldiers faced extreme risks in manning the forward posts in inhospitable terrain at heights over 19,000 feet under extreme weather conditions. The troops besides manning designated posts also operated regular patrols to monitor the gaps between the manned posts. Capt Anshuman Singh functioning as Regimental medical officer was responsible to provide medical care to all the troops deployed in the area. 


In the early morning hours on 19th Jul 2023, approximately at 3 a.m., an ammunition stockpile caught fire dangerously close to Capt Anshuman's bunker at the Chandan post. Capt Anshuman quickly realized that many of his soldiers were trapped inside and needed to be rescued. Without caring for his own safety, he leaped into action, fully aware of the risks, to save as many of his fellow troops as possible. Despite the perilous surroundings and the threat posed by the fire, he fearlessly ventured into the affected area, determined to search for survivors and bring them to safety. A total of seven soldiers were rescued, three of them with severe burns. Capt Anshuman went inside the burning FRP shelter three times to move the trapped soldiers to safety. However when he went fourth time, he himself got trapped and suffered severe burns. Tragically, Capt Anshuman could not overcome the severity of his injuries, and succumbed to the ordeal. Capt Anshuman Singh was a valiant soldier and a fine officer, who led from the front and laid down his life at the age of 26 years in the service of the nation. Capt Anshuman Singh was given the nation’s second-highest peacetime gallantry award, “Kirti Chakra” posthumous for his outstanding courage, devotion to duty and supreme sacrifice


Capt Anshuman Singh is survived by his father Sub Ravi Pratap Singh (Retd), mother and wife Smt Shristi Singh. 

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  • Tathagat

    2023at1:42 am Reply

    Jai hind, courage at its finest. Leadership at its finest. Sir, you truly were the epitome of these virtues.

  • Gaurav Jani

    2023at8:38 pm Reply

    We owe our life to you your sacrifice the sacrifice of your family my Pranam to you and your family sir. Jai Hind!!

  • Aditi Pandit

    2023at5:22 pm Reply

    My salute the parents of Captain Anshuman Singh who have raised such a brave heart who laid his life for the nation and it’s people .
    Jai Hind

  • Rahul Patel

    2023at5:24 pm Reply

    आप सभी को मेरा वंदन

    में राहुल पटेल, मुंबई से आप सभी को दिल से धन्यवाद करता हू। आप लोगो ने बिना हमे देखे अपने पुत्र, भाई, पति और पिता को देश व देशवासियों की रक्षा के लिए अर्पण कर दीया।

    भारतीय सेना के हर वीर जवान हम लोगो के लिए अपने जान को खतरे में डाल कर दिन रात हमारे सुरक्षा के लिए अपना परिवार त्याग कर सरहदों पर खड़े है।

    भारतिय सेना का हर एक वीर चाहे तो सुबह 8 से 6 की नौकरी कर सकता था, पर उसने देश की सेवा करना चुना। यह हमारे वीर कोई मामूली लोग नहीं है बल्कि देश के सच्चे हीरो है।

    इस देश मे निस्वार्थ भाव से अगर कीसी ने सेवा की है तो वह केवल भारतीय सेना के वीर जवान ही है।

    मेने देखा है भारतीय सेना के वीर जवान जब भी किसी नागरिक से बात करते है तो वह बहोत सम्मान और प्यार भरे व्यावहार से करते है। यह केवल तभी पॉसिबल होता है जंहा सच्चा प्यार और निस्वार्थ स्नेह होता है।

    मुजे मेरे भारतीय सेना के वीर जवानों पर बहोत गर्व और प्यार है।

    अंत मे No Cricketer, No Film Star Indian Army is my Super Star

    जय हिंद जय जवान

  • Sarita Gawade

    2023at5:24 pm Reply

    Jai hind sir..

    We are proud of you sir.. you are real hero of our country..thank you for protecting us and our nation. Salute

    I wish safety to you and your family .

  • Shwetha

    2023at5:31 pm Reply

    Its an honour to write a tribute to this brave soldier who put his soldiers life ahead of his own. Cannot imagine the pain that his family is going through. There are no words to express our gratitude for all that you have done. Jai Hind and A big salute to Capt. Anshuman Singh and his family for the extreme sacrifice

  • Swapnodeep Layek

    2023at5:04 pm Reply

    I pay tribute to Captain Anshuman Singh for fighting against enemies and sacrificed his life to protect our country . His family members will have been sad after hearing the sad news of his son’s unfortunate death due to the fire accident in Siachen Glacier. His works remain immortal till now and it will remain immortal forever.

    Jai Hind

  • Abhishek Ashok Tadimari

    2023at12:16 am Reply

    I can’t believe this. He is younger than me and He died on my birthday. He had many more years ahead of him yet he sacrificed his life for others without even blinking. His courage shall not be forgotten. Jai Hind! Jai Jawan!

  • Bhupinder Singh Jass

    2024at6:30 pm Reply

    People like Capt Anshuman Singh are our real heroes, he made Supreme Sacrifice in the line of duty, RIP Braveheart, Jai Hind

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