Place of birth : Washim Dist (M'shtra)

Service : Army

Last Rank : Naik

Unit : 11 Para(SF)

Arm/Regt : The Parachute Regiment

Operation : CI & IS Ops

Martyrdom : April 14, 2023

Naik Gore Amol Tanhaji

Naik Gore Amol Tanhaji hailed from Sonkhas village in Washim district of Maharashtra. Son of Shri Tanhaji Gore and Smt Mandabai, he had a brother Hanuman Gore and sister Umesha as his siblings. He joined the Indian Army in the year 2010 after completing his school education at the age of 18 years. He was recruited into the Parachute Regiment, a regiment known for its gallant soldiers and daredevil operations. He was later inducted into the elite 11 Para ( Special Forces) battalion of the Parachute Regiment. 11 Para(SF) known as "Vipers" was raised in 2011 and is specialized in Jungle Warfare and Counter Insurgency/Counter Terrorism operations.  After serving for few years, he got married to Ms Vaishali and the couple was blessed with two sons Mayur and Tejas.


East Kameng Operation (Arunachal Pradesh) : 14 Apr 2023


During 2023, Naik Gore Amol Tanhaji‘s unit 11 Para (SF) battalion was deployed in East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. The unit troops were engaged in operations against the terrorists on a regular basis as the unit's area of responsibility (AOR) was active with militancy. The volatility of its AOR demanded 'high alert' at all times on the part of the troops. The prevailing situation necessitated regular armed patrols to check the activities of subversive elements and forces inimical to the nation. On 14 Apr 2023, Nk Gore and two other soldiers were patrolling the treacherous border area as part of the unit's area domination patrol.  However, at around 4.30 pm, heavy rain accompanied by strong winds lashed the region triggering flash floods. As a result, the soldiers got swept away in a massive stream carrying debris and boulders.


Even though Naik Gore too got hit on head by a boulder, he provided help to his comrades, who could move to safety. But Naik Gore with serious injury on his head and strong current of flash floods could not succeed in extricating himself. He eventually got swept away while saving his fellow soldiers. Naik Gore Amol Tanhaji displayed commendable courage and camaraderie in the situation and rose to the occasion without caring for his own safety. Naik Gore Amol was a gallant and committed soldier who laid down his life in the service of the nation, following the highest traditions of Indian Army. 


Naik Gore Amol Tanhaji is survived by his father Shri Tanhaji Gore, mother Smt Mandabai, wife Smt Vaishali Gore, sons Mayur and Tejas, brother Shri Hanuman Gore and sister Smt Umesha Bhisde.

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  • Abhishek Salunke

    2023at5:23 pm Reply

    Sacrificing life for nation is the biggest contribution which one can make. We Indians are indebted to you Sir.

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