Sub Bishan Singh MVC

Sub Bishan Singh hailed from Purnain village in Ludhiana district of Punjab and was born on 14th Jan 1917. He was enrolled in the Sikh Regiment on 14 Jan 1933 at the age of 16 years. After completing his training he served in various operational;

Flight Lieutenant C J Mendoza

Flight Lieutenant Clifford Joseph Mendoza hailed from Dadar in Bombay in Maharashtra and was born on 20 Oct 1921. Son of Smt Grace Mendoza, he joined the Royal Indian Air Force after completing his initial education.  He was commissioned as a pilot officer on 5

Lt Col Narain Singh Samyal

Lt Col Narain Singh Samyal hailed from Samba district of Jammu & Kashmir and was born on 11th March 1907. Son of Shri Hera Singh, he completed his schooling at Boys High School, Samba in J&K. After completing the studies he got selected to join

Naik Nar Singh MVC

Naik Nar Singh hailed from Gangoli Kotuli village of Almora District in Uttarakhand and was born on 14 March 1926. He was recruited into the 4 Battalion of the Kumaon Regiment, one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army which traces back

Flying Officer Balwant Singh

Fg Offr Balwant Singh wanted to serve in the Armed Forces since his younger days and eventually, got selected to join the Indian Air Force. He was commissioned as a Pilot Officer in the IAF on 29 Apr 1946. He joined the flying stream of